These 22 People Are Just Too Smart For Us Other Humans

by Ella

There are a couple of scary intelligent people in this world that not even half of us know exists. We all know about the doctors and scientists that are miracle workers and save our lives on a daily basis due to their amazing brains, but what about the people who are just like you and I?

The people who improvise with the things they have on hand or the ones that look at something and thinks it will work great in some other way.

Well, there are a lot of these people that are extremely clever in everyday things and we can truly learn some tricks from each of them to make our lives easier.

Being too tall can be a problem, but not for this guy.

The last minute costume idea, which is absolutely perfect!

via: Imgur

What a great way to motivate your workers to work faster. I wish my boss did this.

These two made taking yearbook photos look fun.

I do not believe that there will ever be a day that this would happen.

Come and get your free snow everybody! Because it won't ever be just randomly lying everywhere on the ground.

We do what we can with what we've got.

May all our children be this smart one day.

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