10+ Comics That Socially Awkward People Will Find Hilariously Relatable

by Mikayla

Sometimes hanging out with people is the highlight of your day, you can just enjoy peoples company and get in your daily quota of laughs. But then sometimes you'd just rather be alone. Maybe you'd rather be alone all the time because when you meet up with people your brain stops working and you being to stutter and you embarrass yourself to the point of wishing the floor beneath you was a portal to your bed. Don't worry, everyone feels that way sometimes. Luckily enough for you, Jane Zei, author and illustrator of the hilarious comics at "The Pigeon Gazette" knows exactly how you feel too, and uses her talents to put those feeling on a screen, where you can laugh at them all you like a pretend it's not you.

In an interview with Jane, she explains a little about why exactly she named her brand "the Pigeon Gazette":

"I’ve always considered the pigeon the perfect, compassionate metaphor for the humbly average human being," Jane explains. "You see pigeons every day, drab and gray, dirty with the city dust, pecking away at crumbs, milling about aimlessly in flocks, fearful of your feet. They’re so often dismissed as just another urban vermin with little grace, intelligence, or purpose to them. But if you look closer, if you really take the time to observe their existence, you notice the delicate patterns to their plumage."

Check out some of her work below or see more from her at Tumblr or Patreon!

1. Who's that girl!?

2. Never give in!

3. Same girl.

4. It's not a party unless there's a dog to pat.

5. That sounds great!

6. Ooooooh. Oh no.

7. This got dark.

8. The sun is just doing its best!

9. First world problems...

10. This is so relatable it hurts.


12. The one that got away...

13. Yes, Officer Brady.

14. Mom Roast.

15. Romance 2018

16. Life's all about learning from our mistakes

17. Send puppies!

18. Everything will be alright, right?


20. Who needs a lighthouse when you're constantly pale?

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