25+ Illustrations That Reveal The Double Standards Of Our Society

by Danielle

The world is far from being a perfect place and one of the biggest problems with society is that men and women are often judged differently. From a woman being shamed for breastfeeding in public when there is a scantily-clad woman in a background advertisement to the sexist attire female comic heroes are expected to wear, women are always expected to act and dress differently than men. 

People have been trying to change this for years, but it's impossible to make the world a place where no one judges no one. I think the biggest advice that anyone can give you is to just be yourself no matter what. It’s about self-awareness, reflection, neutrality, and love. 

We have compelled a list of 46 examples of double standards that uncover the uncomfortable truth behind some everyday life situations and it's clear that sometimes terms like 'gender equality' are reduced to no more than a catchphrase.

#1 But yet, you're standing in front of a picture of a woman in her bra.

#2 People are always going to have something to say no matter what.

#3 Now don't they look pretty much identical?

#4 Our society makes no sense

#5 Damn, talk about being unfair to women

#6 This is what makes us women look bad

#7 It really is that stupid...

#8 No, body-shaming is what should be illegal.

#9 Mom's do everything, but literally have it the worst..

#10 At the end of the day, we all have the same feelings

#11 Let's face it, we live in a cruel world

#12 OMG, all girls do not suck at math

via: xkcd

#13 Disagreement...

#14 You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

#15 We can't get anywhere with some of these men

#16 Girls should really start taking a look at themselves before passing judgement onto another one.

#17 OH...PLEASE!

#18 When a guy shouts, nobody notices. But when a woman shouts... All hell breaks loose.

#19 It takes two to tango, so why does only one person always get judged by society while the other one does not?

#20 Either way, you will always be judged

#21 If guys can do it, why not women?

#22 When roles are reversed

#23 Stupidity at it's finest

#24 The same rules should apply for everyone

#25 It doesn't matter what people think, just be yourself

#26 I'd like to hear you talk whenever you have kids

#27 The victim should never be at fault

#28 How about we stop this kind of talk altogether?

#29 I bet men cry just as much as women

#30 Ignore the haters and you'll do just fine

#31 People and their way of thinking...

#32 There is no difference

#33 Hmm.. Yeah, I probably would've done the same

#34 Lol, this one is kinda funny actually

#35 I'm sorry, girls are just lucky that way

#36 Acceptable vs. Unacceptable

#37 Oh, it's definitely a double standard

#38 Define the word "bad" because I'm not seeing it

#39 F*ck what society thinks!

#40 I tell you, people are never happy

#41 Why can't a smiley face just be a damn smiley face without it having to mean something else?! Maybe the person is just happy, every thought of that?

#42 This is why it's sometimes best to just keep your relationships private, free from all judgement.

#43 I agree... Lol just kidding.

#44 Oh boy.

#45 You can't have it both ways

#46 Bottom Line: The world is never going to be a perfect place and people are always going to have something to say no matter what.

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