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Sporting Wardrobe Malfunctions That Are STILL Funny

Sporting Wardrobe Malfunctions That Are STILL Funny

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson aren't the only famous friends to ever memorialize the "Wardrobe Malfunction." Actually, if you think about the perfect setting or opportunity for a memorable wardrobe malfunction is a sporting event. Athletes, especially of the professional variety, are frequently 110% focused on the task at hand to the point that something could be hinting it's about to go horribly wrong and they'd have no clue, because where is their head? In the game, where it belongs... coach. 

Anyway, if media and time have come together to teach us anything it's that nothing makes an embarrassing moment disappear. We remember everything, forever. These famous wardrobe malfunctions made us laugh then and they're still making us laugh now. They'll make us laugh, later, too. But check them out now because you deserve a reason to roll with laughter today. You earned it! 


1. Ah, yes.

The Angees were always my favorite team. More importantly, how did NO ONE catch this ahead of time?

via:Total Pro Sports

2. When the moon hits the Horse Race

Usually we say giddy up but I'm going to suggest you giddy down.

via:Sport Kiki

3. Stephanie Gilmore

Surf Champ bares it all for the win. Wait...

via:Phunu Today

4. "Keep your eye on the ball."

"Damnit, I said THE ball, not HIS BALLS."

via:Huffington Post

5. The Intentional Malfunction

Hopefully someone got fired in the aftermath of these uniforms.


6. Whoops

"I thought it felt cooler out here for a minute."


7. The stars come out...

In water polo stars sometimes mean boobies, but there's a handy-dandy star there, too. Gotta keep things PG.

via:Globoe E-Sporte

8. Like groceries?

More like eat the booty like an NFL player. Apparently.


9. The Lingerie Football League

Well, erm, what did they expect playing contact football in lingerie? Wardrobe malfunctions are why people tune in.


10. Malfunction, Malfunction

Hey, if it happens behind the scenes it can totally... stay behind the scenes.

via:News Talk

11. Is it a little chilly in here?

Ah, the classic "nip-slip," this one from a Russian figure skater.


12. The Bobsled Rip

That bobsled tore you a new... oh, sorry.


13. Ricky Berens

In 2009 they wanted you to give your all. In 2010 they clarified "your butt" not being part of your all.


14. Oopsie.

Don't put the nation's flag upside, just don't.


15. Kicking Butt Looks Good

Champions can do what they want.


People might malfunction on a daily basis and being famous doesn't hinder you from those embarrassing experiences. What is unusual, though, is finding out an intelligent robot has malfunctioned. Really bad.