Strange Things That People Have Actually Tried To Sell On The Internet

by Angie

One of my favorite activities is browsing the Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade groups and Craigslist posts near me to check out the random stuff that the good people of the internet are trying to sell. 

Most of the time items are normal, everyday things that people try to pawn off on others. But there are days that things get a little weird, and that's where I come into play. 

I'm here to share with you the magic of the strange things for sale in and around the most random places are going beyond that of the typical 1970's Brewers memorabilia, cheese fedoras, and beer bottle lamps. 



Homemade Uber?

You know without all of those unneeded things like background checks.....

This Throne-Style Couch

This one actually would have me feeling kinda fancy! Though the burnt orange/brown color isn't doing much for this piece of furniture.


These "Worn Very Little" Birkenstocks

I honestly have no idea what "worn very little" means to this person, because well...take a look at those footprints. Gross!  

The original comments on this post were almost the best part about this and the fact that the original poster defended her description till the end. 

This Cow Household Lot

Are you looking for a set of complimentary cow decor for your house? 
Have you been looking for a mug with udders?
Look no further!


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