The 16 Best Responses to Stranger Things Season Two Thanks To Tumblr

by Elana

You cannot go anywhere on the Internet right now without stumbling on to something related to Stranger Things. As soon as season two premiered on Netflix in one glorious lump the Internet went wild with excitement. It was highly anticipated so it's no surprise it's been all the buzz for that factor alone but the truth is that season two was so, so good. 

The chemistry, the acting, the story, the mystery... all of it is pure entertainment gold and we cannot get enough. We are already foaming at the mouth for season three. By the way, if anyone can time travel, please do so and bring us back season three like, yesterday?! 

As with all things that are popular on social media, Stranger Things is getting loads of attention by various communities known for their sharp tongues and witty observations but our favorite source of endless humor for everything is Tumblr and sure rain Tumblr has absolutely nailed Stranger Things 2 and we cannot get enough of it.

1. A new definition:

We're always open to new ways to describe how stressed out we are and this is a great new option.

via: Tumblr

2. Shout out!

Erica was fantastic, wasn't she?

via: Tumblr

3. DART!

He liiiiiivvvessssss!!!!

via: Tumblr

4. And we all died a little inside.

This was tragic. GOT has nothing on this moment.

via: Tumblr

5. A theory:

This is a valid question, realistically.

via: Tumblr

6. An epic moment.

We love it.

via: Tumblr

7. He's great, we can prove it.

Never mind that little bit.

via: Tumblr

8. I'm okay with this.

Steve is the only person more fit than us.

via: Tumblr

9. Baby Dustin

We are all living in this moment.

via: Tumblr

10. Well this is cheesy.

See what I did there?

via: Tumblr

11. Steve the MVP

He would NEVER.

via: Tumblr

12. Theories versus realizations


via: Tumblr

13. Fresh

I don't know if I love this or hate this but I'm laughing through the anger.

via: Tumblr

14. Justice!

A moment of silence for Bob, please.

via: Tumblr

15. Steve the doting mum

Can we elect a mum? We elect Steve.

via: Tumblr


This is literally all of us though!

via: Tumblr

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