There Is A New Street Vendor In Vietnam That Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Cuteness

by Elzaan Van der merwe

There is a new street vendor in Vietnam that has everyone crazy with love. He's adorable, fluffy and wears cute uniforms. Do you want to take a guess who it is? I will tell you! It's dog. That's just his name, he is actually a kitty who rules the streets of Vietnam with his cuteness.

His owner Le Quoc Phong gave him this unique name because this kitty acts and breathes like a puppy. You can spot them in the local market selling fish and vegetables, but fish is obviously dog's favorite dish.

He doesn't go around eating it, but rather dresses up like a real businessman in a different suit every day to sell his fish. Let's take a look at this adorable little fur ball.

“Dog loves ice cream, traveling and sleeping.”

“He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country.” And we can see why, look at all that swagger.

Dog is a Scottish Fold that loves his costumes and taking pictures in them.

Some people may think he is uncomfortable in the clothes, but he actually prefers it says Le Quoc Phong.

“Dog feels very cosy [in these costumes] and can walk normally.”

He has not just become a celebrity in Vietnam, but also in Thailand and China.

He persuades clients to buy fish and makes competitors quiver with fear.

Here is dog trying his hand at selling meat.

Hmmm, some veggies for the healthy people.

He has a wide selection of goodies that he sells, but...

Fish is his favourite!

When he is done working for the day he likes to change up his outfit to something more stylish.

Stop! It's the police!

When he takes the day off he likes to relax at the beach like a normal kitty.

"What is this hooman? No fishy in it?"

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