This High School Allows Students To Dress Up In Costume For Their Student ID Cards

by Fletch

Students at a high school in North Farmington High School in Detroit, Michigan don't have to suffer through the boring old bland photos for their student identification cards. Instead, their school has allowed them to dress up in all sorts of costumes in order to express their individuality, and have a little bit of fun. This has now become a tradition throughout their school as seniors reveal their most outrageous impersonations of television characters and celebrities. 

Instead of taking 'normal' cheesy photos with terrible hairdos, we're able to take a glimpse into their real personalities by what makes them laugh or simply which movies or television shows are their favorites based on the character that they have chosen. Diversity is fun and this school is awesome for allowing their students to express themselves with no fear.


There's a snake in my boots.

One of the best.


McLovin, at your service.

Akeem seems legit.


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