This Company Hilariously Mocked A Stupid Client Request By Doing Everything The Client Asked For

by Ella

Sometimes designers struggle to get through to their clients, because they know everything there is possible to know about their craft, but yet clients think they know more.

The more the designer wants the client to be happy the worse the item looks.  Nissin Cup Noodles is a perfect example of a crazy, terrible advertisement where the designer did everything the client asked for.

The Japanese company tweeted  “Please allow us a moment while we fix some mistakes brought up by the client. They say it’s not cheesy enough…” with a photo of their latest advertisement.

They marked everything that needs improvement, but truth be told it looked the best before they started the improvements. You will be shocked when you see the end result.


This was the original photo they started with, but it needed improvements.

They requested her to laugh more and that her hair should be a cheesy yellow...


It wasn't cheesy enough for them.

They also wanted the background to be a farm, why?


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