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This English Reporter Is Getting Roasted Online For His Dislike Of Surfing Dogs

This English Reporter Is Getting Roasted Online For His Dislike Of Surfing Dogs

by Mikayla

We've all had those days when our job seems like the worse thing in the world, but as professionals, we all have to suck it up and put on our fake positive face for the good of the public (you know what one I'm talking about.). Well, not this reporter, who seemed to think that the second annual dog surfing championships held in California were as far from a walk in the park as you could get. 

He was visibly and audibly unimpressed by the news story, and of course, the internet loved him.


Simon McCoy is a very respected journalist for the BBC, but he just couldn't fake enthusiasm for this story. The super serious journalist was obviously let down that his night's work wasn't ground breaking news, but instead just some super cute pups breaking waves.


Luckily, this event wasn't just for some fun and laughs. It was actually a fundraiser for orphan pets which did amazingly well!

Isn't that fantastic!?

Maybe the message was a little lost in McCoy's despair. Luckily for the internet the report itself was fantastic and people loved his reactions.


In case anyone was wondering, McCoy does have a sense of humor and enjoyed the publicity, having just as much fun as everyone else.

People LOVED his report, especially other reports who have been in that situation more than once, and know exactly how the poor guy felt...

But like always, if there's someone who loves it, there's someone who doesn't. And people who detested the story just as much as McCoy used the opportunity to point out some cultural differences...

Uh Ohhhhhh...

Overall, McCoy still reported the story in a way that people enjoyed and were appropriately informed. And while we all have moments like Simon, it's always great to be able to look back on those moments and laugh at yourself, along with everyone else on the internet.

This reporter needs to take a chill pill and realize that doggos make everything in this world better! Even when they photo bomb pictures because you know what? Doggos improve any photo that is doggo bombed.