These Women Regretted Getting Their Eyebrow Tattoos Thanks To This 'Artist'

by Alexandra

Last year was the year of good eyebrows. Everywhere we looked there were various advertisements for waxing, threading, micro-blading, and even tattooing. There are multiple kinds of eyebrows that are considered to be "in style" ranging from the thin, arched look to the thick and neatly kept look. No matter what style you prefer, there is a specific way in which these brows must be maintained. 

Although there is a multitude of different styles that make the cut, there are a few styles that are anything but attractive. The following photographs are some examples of the brows you definitely should stay far, far away from.  

These Look Like a Kindergartener Colored Them In

Seriously, who would pay for that?

Not Only Are These Hard to Look At...

But they also look terribly painful!

Get Your Money Back!


Your Brows Should NOT Look Like a Train Track

Let's be real

Your Face is Not the Place For Tribal Print

No way, no how!

Maybe It's Just Us..

But those eyebrows look mighty infected

Whoever Her Eyebrow Artist Is...

Did her very, very dirty

These Brows are Making Us Dizzy

Talk about an optical illusion

Ugh, Once Again With the Sharpie Brows

Stop the madness!

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