25+ Times Teachers Laid Down a Trolling of Epic Proportion On Their Students

by Angie

Teachers are saints among us, and really should be appreciated more. Usually, that means with treats and cute little gifts (and better pay), but I think we should also appreciate their often genius sense of humor. 

Some teachers are hilarious, and I'm sure it gives them no greater sense of satisfaction to do a bit of light-hearted trolling of their students. The students think it's great, the teachers get to have fun, and everyone wins. 

Take a look below for a list of times that the tables were turned, and the teacher trolled the student instead. I'm still laughing!

Candy and love obviously!

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One less recorder is always a good thing

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Do you need some ointment for that burn?

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Dad jokes for daysssss

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This is the greatest thing I've seen today.

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You made it out relatively cheaply!

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It's like a casino in here!

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*dies laughing*

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Wah wah wahhhhh

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