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This Man Decided To Tattoo His Dog To Supposedly Stop Its Cancer

This Man Decided To Tattoo His Dog To Supposedly Stop Its Cancer

by Ayoub Mask
via: via: CEN

This has to be the dumbest thing I've heard in a while. A Brazilian tattoo artist has shocked us all by tattooing his dog and sharing the images online. People have been able to identify the man responsible for this, and his name is Emerson Damasceno. 

Damasceno shared photos of his white bull terrier all tattooed in its ears and under its eyes and the person who stumbled upon these pictures is lawyer Fernanda Soares who shared these images once again online to draw more attention to this inhumane act.

Of course and as you would expect, the internet had no mercy on this man and Damasceno ended up removing the photos, but he made things even worse by trying to justify it saying that those tattoos "were going to stop the dog's cancer".

via: CEN

After things got out of control, the man deleted all of his social media accounts according to the Mirror.

Tattooing your dog is definitely NOT going stop its cancer, and many veterinarians already confirmed it, you know...because commons sense is not even common sense anymore. They also added that it might even cause the poor dog problems.

No official source has confirmed yet if Brazilian police are investigating this incident.