This Man Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Sit In A Pit Full of Pythons - Until He Gets Attacked By One

by Irene

Jay Brewer owns a couple dozen pythons and decided, for some strange reason, that he would get into their pit. They aren't just your ordinary, lazy type of pythons though. These ones have been fed rabbits over years to grow to their maximum potential of weight and length, and they are angry.

His excuse? He couldn't sleep late at night and got his mate to take a quick video of the encounter. The pythons were not as enthusiastic, as you can see from the video on the next page.

Pythons might not be able to hear but this white one sure seems pissed off when Jay Brewer continues to talk to the camera. It was only going to be a matter of time before it bit him, and he was hoping it wouldn't be in the face!

I honestly don't know how he didn't bleed from that python attack. And don't worry folks - he is okay!

Check out more from Jay on his Instagram and his Facebook page. Hopefully you will heed this warning and never get into a pit of pythons - ever! Pythons aren't the only things we should be afraid of. Humans are some of the most cunning, conniving beings on this planet. Even celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence are not safe, even if it is just a prank!