This Woman In Labor Had To Beg The Cops Not To Arrest Her Husband For Speeding

by Elana

January 2012 may seem like some time ago but to James Reiner and his then-pregnant wife, Dana, some memories never fade. Of course, most people don't forget the day their child is born but not all have such an intense and horrifying experience just getting to the hospital!

In Chesterson, Indiana, United States, James and Dana were speeding their way to the hospital, desperate to make it on time for Dana to deliver among the safety of doctors and nurses, and Dana's water had already broken. 

The flashing lights from the office pursuing them meant very little to laboring Dana who begged her husband NOT to stop. She insisted they could work it out at the hospital, but that's where she needed to be!

I'm sure no man on Earth wants to butt heads with his wife as she's in the throws of giving birth but James was in a complete panic so he did the only thing that seemed rational, he dialed 911 while driving and explained the scenario, he then told Dana he needed to pull over. Rationally, James assumed that the police officer would help get the soon-to-be parents to the hospital in time to deliver. 

Unfortunately for everyone involved, that's not at ALL what happened...

The scene that unfolded when James pulled his vehicle over haunts the parents to this day. Thanks to the Northwest Indiana Times, who obtained the dash cam footage, James got out of the car and immediately dropped to the ground. In an interview with NBC he reported:

The police officer was screaming at me. Sirens were left on but it sounded like there was a possibility of me getting shot. So, I rolled down onto the ground and at that time he ran over to me at gunpoint and put his knee to my back and cuffed me as I lay on the ground.

The entire time, Dana, in labor, was also in complete shock that things were unfolding in such a horrifying manner. 

James desperately tried to explain to the officers that his wife was in labor and one responded by telling him, "I don't care, you pull over."

After an excruciating amount of time, officers eventually called an ambulance for Dana. Quite literally, just in the nick of time because a mere 3 minutes after arriving at the hospital Dana gave birth to the couple's precious baby girl. Reportedly, their daughter was also born with the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck TWICE. 

If you think all of that is unbelievable, watch the video below to see where James was when his daughter was born!