This Woman Found The Perfect Way To Deal With Creeps On Tinder

by Irene

While some people go to Tinder for that quick hook up, others want to be treated with a bit of respect and basic humanity. 

I mean, how difficult is it to just say 'hey, hi, look at these doggo'?! That would sure be a much better approach than the alternative, which is where these guys give out terrible pickup lines or just speak in such a terrible way that it really makes me question the future of this world.

Whatever happened to being a nice person? 

Anyway, as you can see from the following screenshots, this woman had had enough with the poor pick of men on her dating app, so she took matters into her own hands and gave them a taste of their own medicine!

Sure, let's do this

A meeting at Town Hall

I am just being careful

Then no

Blendy blend

One day at band camp...


I can see you!


Intimidated by size

Suction butt cat

Sometimes 'dating' online can go the other way around, like this poor dude who got trolled by someone pretending to be a woman. 

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