Tiny Dachshund Drags Her Bed Around So She Can Always Be Close To Her Humans

by Mikayla

Meet Weiney, an absolutely adorable 12-year-old Dachshund who has lived with her family ever since she was a little puppy. Like most dogs she incredibly loving, loyal, and happy and spends each day enjoying herself and getting the most that she can out of life. And what do dogs want most in the world? 

Other than to eat themselves into a food coma at every opportunity in my experience dogs just want all the love they can get. And that includes little Weiney, who likes to spend every minute of the day with her humans, and often becomes SUPER offended if they want to spend any time alone...

1. So what can she do?

“She is a sassy little girl,” Rue Hart, Weiney’s human sister, said in an interview: “She has an absolute attitude about her, like if she knows that you’re leaving soon (for work or to go out) she will sit in whichever room you’re in, and turn her back against you so you know she’s mad. She also happens to be the most cuddly dog in the entire world. The only thing in life she wants is a lap to sit on.” Don't worry Weiney that's exactly what I do too.

via: Rue Hart

2. They do their best to keep her included...

Her humans have gone above and beyond to make sure there's always somewhere nearby that Weiney can hang out, in fact, not only have they filled the house with soft, cuddly surfaces for her, but the spoilt pup has THREE beds to sleep on! One in their kitchen, one in her Mum's bedroom, and one in her sister's office, but obviously it's still not enough!

via: Rue Hart

3. Sometimes Weiney needs MORE

When she needs to be even closer than that or wants a certain to bed to sleep on, this is where things get funny (and absolutely adorable!). The little Dachshund will go and fetch what she wants and drag it across the house! 

“She does really well for the most part, but as soon as she hits the carpet she can’t drag it anymore,” Hart said. “It just doesn’t glide as easily, so I’ll normally drag it the rest of the way.”

via: Rue Hart

4. She tries SO HARD

Once there it's all about the snuggles. It must feel good for the little dog to always be around family, and always have cuddles whenever she needs, or demands, them.

via: Rue Hart

5. All she wants is a little bit of love

“She smiles when she’s getting loved on and will scratch her paw on your foot to get more attention,” Erin Hart, Weiney’s other sister, said.

So like most dogs, all she's really after is a little bit of love and care, and who wouldn't want a dog like this! Life would always be interesting, and you know that even on your quietest days there's always someone who wants to be around just to share some cuddles with you.

via: Rue Hart

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