Photos To Remind You Just How Tricky Cooking Can Really Be

by Mikayla

Everyone has household chores to do on a daily basis, and while they're not the most glamorous things to have to do it's important that everyone gets one to have a happy, functioning household. There are the easy jobs like taking out the trash, folding the washing, or walking the dog, those are the job that people often don't mind doing because they're fast and leave no other messes to clean up. 

But then... Then there are the jobs that nobody likes doing. Dishes. Dusting. Cleaning the cat litter. And the worse of the worse: Cooking

Trust me, it's boring, it's time-consuming, and let's just face it, half of us aren't even very good at it! Don't you believe me? Here's some proof that cooking is hard, just to remind you all why picking up the phone and ordering take-out might not only be quicker but better for your stomach...

Never nap while cooking, folks!

10/10 Fail.


Is that butter or a brick?

But... How?

Meal prep 101

911? Yeah it happened again...

Life Hack: If you don't have any candles in a black out these noodles actually work great!

*Under Pressue by Queen plays softly in the background*


Just go back to bed.

Pinterest: not even once.

Plastic melty go bye bye!

I'm not one to kink shame but like...

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