Truth Potato Tells The Bitter Truth And It Will Have You Thinking About Your Life

by Ella

The truth hurts, we all know this. It's the first thing we learn when we go from child to teenager. It sucks when you get hurt, by your friends or family, but it's better than being lied to and being kept in the dark.

That's why truth potato was designed to tell us humans that have cloths over our eyes the truth about our lives that we don't seem to recognize and see.

Now you ask what is truth potato? Well, it's exactly what the words say. It's a comic potato that tells the bitter truth about life and how we live it.

He's cute though, so you can't be angry at him even if you tried.

1. Your life is a dream.

2. Yes, but we still do it on a daily basis

3. No valid reason that is.

4. Idiots everywhere!

5. Let them go.

6. So sad, but the truth.

7. No one will wait for you.

8. Because we feel bad to say 'no' to someone.

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