10+ Tumblr Posts That Prove Just How Awesome The Show "Cutthroat Kitchen" Is

by Ayoub Mask

If you're used to watching cooking competitions then you have to know that "Cutthroat Kitchen" is really not like anything you've ever watched before

The players who are featured in the show, in addition to being good chefs, need to outsmart and in some cases sabotage their opponents in order to win. In each episode, four people compete in three rounds in order to win up to $25,000 cash.

As the competition begins, a $100,000 sum is distributed evenly among the players so they can spend it however they see fit during the game. In each round, one chef gets eliminated until a single winner is left.

He thinks he's better than pancakes, how dare he

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Too wholesome

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At least he's being honest with himself

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