10+ Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Our Netflix Addiction

by Elana

I probably would not believe you if you told me you've got Netflix at home and you've never bing-watched a show on it. That's practically the biggest perk to having access to Netflix in the first place. Plus ever since they began producing their very own series for us to get hopelessly addicted to there has been pretty much no turning back from that addiction. Netflix is the solution to a plethora of first world problems.

Sick day? Netflix. Bored? Netflix. Date night? Netflix. Babysitting? Netflix. Avoiding responsibilities? Netflix, Netflix, Netflix.

It's a part of our lifestyles now and if there's one thing Tumblr users are good at, surely it is taking our obsessions and cracking the best jokes and most brilliant of witty observations. If you doubt that potential then you've come to the right place. If you fully believe it, you've also come to the right place. These Tumblr users get an A+ for epic humor.

Beautiful Chaos

Conspiracy theorists are freaking out right now.

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This is what obsession does to a person.

Look, this may actually get more of us to shower on a regular basis. This is innovative.

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Why isn't this a thing?

True love is out there... and we could have it via Netflix.

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Motivational Truth Bomb

I can't go to prison, a real life version of Orange is the New Black is surely much less entertaining for me and a lot more terrifying.

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Top Notch Customer Service

10 out of 10 would see the sequel where they get married and have tons of babies.

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My favorite button!

Because absolutely nobody wants to hear the theme song to any show, ever, 5 times in a single day, let alone the more realistic 20 that applies to most of us.

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Yes, Senpai Netflix.

We obey.

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Wonderous Thoughts

I didn't wonder it before but I think we are all wondering it now.

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There's nothing we hate more...

Is there a petition to end episode recaps? There should be. Trust me, Netflix, it has not been a week. It has been 2 minutes. I peed and grabbed another snack, I remember everything.

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How romantic!

This adorable conundrum has us giggling.

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The most relatable post, ever.

This was ALL I thought about as I sat down to watch season two of Stranger Things in a single sitting.

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Ah, that made me laugh as well.

Kudos to the brother out there that spawned so much laughter and joy.

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Natural impulses

"...Wait how much time is left, I can't handle another cliff hanger this year."

He figured it out.

He's a smart cookie.

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I tell myself a lot of lies but this is probably the biggest and most common. Now, excuse me I need to click "Play Next Episode..."

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Time to order a passport...

Because I need to go to the country of Netflix, badly.

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Netflix has a good HR Department

Because they had to have hired some geniuses.

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Reltable content.

Same here, Netflix is much better than boys and girls.

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Seriously, only three?

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This should make you sweat profusely...

This is like choosing which of your children you love most.

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The struggle is real.

Too real, even.

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