After All The Bad News In 2017 One Man Decided To Share All The Best Things That Happened Instead

by Elana

As the year approaches its end we are in the perfect position to reflect. Unfortunately, it's been kind of a crap year. We have had more than our fair hare of bad news, disasters, catastrophes, deaths, and all around "WTF" moments. It has really been a rough year and every step seemed to be harder than the last. The news, naturally, has been bombarding us with all that negativity and you know what? It really wears on you. All of that sadness, stress, and bad news isn't good for us

And one Twitter user had enough

Jacob Atkins is a man on a mission and his mission is to not let us end 2017 focused on all that negative crap. He wants us all to stop for at least a moment and stop focusing on elections and politics, potential wars, and soul-crushing natural disasters and instead he decided to share an uplifting list of all the good things that happened in 2017. While he started out of boredom, he's really gifted us something we need: an uplifted spirit and positive attitude.


1. Rebreeding the Great Barrier Reef

Many people were devastated to hear that the Great Barrier Reef was dying, this news was definitely not spread enough for our liking! It's a good thing Jacob was here to remind us something good came out of 2017.


2. Amazon plans to help the homeless!

Homelessness is a major issue affecting the United States right now, and this is a huge step forward for that problem.

3. Endangered NO MORE!

Every time an animal finds its way to the Endangered Species list we all know we've failed a little harder. But when an animal has been repopulated enough to be removed from the list? We can celebrate. We wish we heard more of this news!


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