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Thanks To Twitter We Now Have The Weirdest Horror Story Ever

Thanks To Twitter We Now Have The Weirdest Horror Story Ever

Some might say that the horror genre isn't what it used to be. They're probably right but we're not sure if that's actually a good thing or a bad thing. One thing is for certain though, when Twitter gets to authors like Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig together to converse back and forth we can end up with one of the wildest, weirdest, most bizarre horror stories imaginable. We don't know what we expected but the creative writing duo managed to turn a typical horror villain into the misunderstood guy next door that just needed our sympathy and all the while they managed to capture everything we've always loved (and still DO love) about the wonderful world of macabre. 

Have a look for yourself and enjoy the wild ride!


It starts off with Sam Sykes...

He innocently recruits the assistance of author Chuck Wendig. 


And then Sam drops his news.


Like a good friend, Chuck is supportive.

That's when Sam really lays in!

(We especially like how casually he mentions it...)

We were not prepared for how casually Chuck responded, though. 

Sometimes? Well, I guess he's got us on a technicality there. 

Now Sam gets to the point, he needs some help, remember?

By now, all the readers are intrigued. We're also wondering, "did Sam give any sort of heads up or is this all spur of the moment?" Either way, we dig it. We're involved, now. 

Chuck decides to ask the tough question, perhaps the toughest question of them all. 

By now, you're probably holding your breath with a little anticipation about what Sams's response is going to be....

*Sharp Inhale*

I'm not sure if that's the answer we were hoping for but now we are in way too deep to stop reading. 

Chuck continues on, like this is some sort of "business as usual situation," or like he is determined to get to the bottom of the whole shindig. We appreciate his dedication to the cause. 

That is a pretty good rational way to figure out "whodunnit."

Doom-like sensations rise in our throats as we realize... oh no? Is Sam the killer?

Oh, hey, good point Chuck. We may not have the killer yet. 

That's a fair question, how can one tell? In a crisis, adrenaline alters one's perspective. 

We are dying to know what's next.... 

Good guy, Chuck, rational as ever:

Sam swings back:

Don't worry everyone, stay calm, Chuck will sort this out. 

The plot thickens... that's a good question. 

We are eager for Sam's response....

With our breath held, Sam responds:

Oh no. Our hearts sink. What's next, Chuck?!

Chuck is keeping us simultaneously calm and anxious with his rational responses. Is Sam protecting himself or is Sam the killer? 

We need to know, like now. 

Hmm, we're not sure what he means with that one. 

Sam wants to understand the context of a creepy mask so we're starting to lose hope that Sam is an innocent bystander. However, by now we totally trust Chuck to waltz through with the best responses possible. 

And he delivers.

Chuck sure is level-headed. Sam, on the other hand... he's not done trying to grasp the situation. 

We're getting to a point where we're not sure how to feel about Sam anymore. But we are intensely invested in this story. 

Okay, we are super grateful that Chuck went ahead and clarified because the whole point could be moot, right?

What does Sam say....

Chuck wants to know once and for all, is Sam even wearing a mask?

Sam finally divulges. 

Sam is wearing a mask.

He's also totally caught up on the details. 

We need Chuck. 

Chuck is basically an expert at extracting information at this point. 

Ah, here we are with the horror intensifying. 


Chuck is like, "...dude?"

What's Sam got to say for himself NOW?

We eagerly awaited Sam's response to Chuck's statement of "holy duh, dude."

Oh, man. Sam's like "it stings, brother. I cam to you for help."
What's Chuck gonna say now?!

Oh, Chuck, you beacon of light. You've totally got the back of your bro. We're not sure that's a good thing but I mean, good for you! 

What's next? We are all super invested now. 

Ah, Sam, you're kind of clueless aren't you? Where would you be without good 'ol Chuck?

Truly, we did not anticipate a good-news, bad-news situation. But Chuck is a good friend. 

Chuck is ever the striaght shooter, getting right to the point. 
Sam really needed him in his hour of need. 

So, Sam has figured out he's the killer and now he needs to know the good news and the bad news.

Chuck is there for him. He lays it on thick, the truth that is. 

Oh boy, that's ominous for Sam.

What now, Sam? What are you thinking? What's running wild through your mind?

Sam seems to grasp the severity of the situation. He's killed an awful lot of campers but one of these remaining campers could be his inevitable demise. He needs Chuck more than ever! 

Only Chuck and Sam could leave us feeling a little more concerned for the serial killer than the potential victims. Sam has sucked us in and Chuck is our only hope. 

Chuck the optimist! 

We love upsides! Sam loves upsides!

What's up, Chuck?

Oh man, just when we thought it was all gravy from here on out Chuck hits us with another dose of "doom."

What's the rest of the bad news. We need to know. NOW. 

Man, Sam is really going through it now, isn't he? Poor, poor Sam. 

Okay, okay... So Chuck laid the reality on, "if you keep up this route then death is imminent."
But he also came back hard with the options. He's got Sam's back. Thick and thin, man, thick and thin

Basically, "it's not as simple as you make it sound, bruh."

Don't give up on Chuck, though. Chuck knows what's up. 

Doesn't a cheeseburger and some video games sound better than death, Sam?

We love Chuck. Chuck wants to see Sam through this. 

What's Sam hinting at now?

Chuck reassures Sam that this part is between them, apparently. 

We need to know what's next. Like, bad. 

Our anticipation is at max capacity right now, what did Sam need to say in secret?! 

Okay, hey, this is a theory. Where is he going with this?!

Pause, because Chuck is a real bro. Is this Sam or the mask? We need to know, too. 

Hmm, interesting way of putting it, Sam. 

We turn back to Chuck, eagerly. 

We're at the point where we are fully invested in Sam and we need Chuck to see him through this. 

Chuck is great. 

Um, how endearing, I guess? Where is this going... we are starting to burst with curiosity. 

Chuck gets us back on track after celebrating their friendship.

Where did this evil mask come from?

Just like that we are sucked back in so hardcore. We are totally like, "WAIT WHAT?!"

Sam just laid a heavy bomb on us about that mask and it's creepy origins. What is Chuck's response?

Of course. Of course Chuck is like, "yeah man I feel you."

Oh man, Sam had no clue what he was in store for. Poor guy. We are positive Chuck is as empathetic as ever, of course. 

By now we trust Chuck to sympathize with Sam's plight. He delivesr, as usual. 

So, is Sam going to listen to his friend's solid advice?

..That's ominous. 

Chuck got blunt. Sometimes that's what a friend needs. 

I feel like there's a good chance we are not going to laugh. 

Chuck is all of us right now.

GO. ON. 

What's funny, Sam? WHAT?

Three? Oh no. Oh no, Sam!

Uh oh is putting it lightly. 

BAM. Classic horror movie move. How did we NOT see this coming?

What's Chuck got to say for himself, for not warning Sam?

The anticipation has grown to a momentous state. Sam has laid a major bomb on us and we are eagerly awaiting Chuck's response. 

Okay, well, that is putting it lightly. Now we are all pretty worried about Sam right now. What's going on, Sam?

Oh boy. This really does not sound good. 

More bad news? Our hearts cannot take much more. 

We are now at the point where we are concerned this is the end of Sam. We turn to Chuck in our time of need, wondering what advice he has for his friend. 

This emotional roller coaster of being sad for Sam but optimistic for the potential future is really draining on our souls. Chuck has just doomed Sam to his death but offered a ray of sunshine through the darkness. 

Oh boy, time is really running out. Sam needs to know the good news, like bad. 

Oh Chuck, that's a good point. Is this the end?

No. Sam still has a couple responses left in him....

Sam has just gotten the good news that though his death right now is inevitable, there is a sequel in his future. Our bodies are ready. 

We can't believe it, we have something to look forward to. Now that's exciting for all of us, because we are SO emotionally invested in Sam's journey now.

I blame Chuck, by the way.

We are SO looking forward to it. 

Sam Sykes

Sam is the fantasy author of The City Stained Red, The Mortal Tally and An Affinity for Steel. He is also the self-proclaimed "Professional bear-wrestler, angriest man alive."


Chuck Wendig

Chuck is an author, comic book writer, screenwriter, and blogger.


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