Woman Live Tweets The Adventures Of Two Cheating Husbands Wives

by Mikayla

The only thing that's more enjoyable than spending your day people watching is when your people watching unveils a scandalous situation for you to eavesdrop on. That's exactly what happened to Twitter user Brittney-Jade Colangelo while waiting in an Ohio airport bar. 

She encountered two women, she named them "Shot lady" (the experienced drinker) and "Gum Lady" (with the large purse contained gum collection.). The two women were plotting a cunning plan to fly across the country to catch their husbands cheating, and thanks to Colangelo live-tweeting the whole conversation Twitter was kept up to date the whole time!

The fate of the women is still unknown, so the internet can only dream about how their husband's faces looked when they were caught by these super smart ladies.

The Saga Begins...

Good Lesson, Dad!

Mine Too.

Trust Him Lady!

Got To Admit, It'd Be Cute...

Netflix And Shots?

No I Haven't, Please Link Me.

A Flight Is Still A Flight!


"Either way, we're going to be okay."


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