10+ Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Being An Unemployed College Graduate That Are Painfully Accurate

by Elana

Graduating college is a monumental time in an individual's life. It is the culmination of years of hard work, something that some people began preparing for in high school! Alas, in recent years we have all come to realize that graduating college is just a step in life and the next step... getting a sweet job with that fancy degree... it's not as easy as we were made to believe. 

Degree-carrying college graduates all over the country are working in fast food or crashing on their parents' couch while they apply relentlessly for a job after job trying to move on to that next step in life. Some jobs are even more difficult, expecting applicants to have both years of experience and a degree, neither of which seem possible without the sort of jobs people are applying for. It's a conundrum indeed with all these college graduates not having jobs but instead of wallowing in depression over it many have taken to Tumblr to have a good chuckle over it, creating and sharing some seriously relatable posts that are clever, witty, and painfully accurate.

Sometimes the best thing you can do when you're frustrated with not having a job is just laugh. So go on, you earned these chuckles.

Accurate ASF

Why don't jobs drop down out of the sky?

"Please hire me."

Nothing says "please hire me" like bad decisions and over-eating.

Anything, ANYTHING

AKA, "please hire me so my parents will stop pestering me."

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