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16 Bosses Whose Employees Died In The Most Unexpected Of Ways

16 Bosses Whose Employees Died In The Most Unexpected Of Ways

by Ayoub Mask

Death is such a taboo subject that most people don’t like to talk about, we’re so in love with life and what it has to offer that we can’t even fathom that one day we will inevitably die and be forgotten forever. Hearing about someone’s death after just interacting with them a couple of hours or days earlier is the worst thing ever especially if that person is still young and healthy. These employers never expected their workers to die out of the blue and had to investigate their disappearance themselves in order to know why they stopped showing up.

Found on AskReddit Via TC


1. She went through a lot of abuse and killed herself

“Not the boss, but worked at a place where this happened. We’ll call the girls Cathy and Maggie. Cathy didn’t show up for her shift. Maggie was pissed, because she had vouched for Cathy when she was getting hired and they were friends from way back. The next day Maggie comes in looking like she has been crying all day. Cathy had killed herself as it turns out. I remember hearing Maggie say that Cathy’s dad was physically abusive and that he got away with it because he was a high ranking officer in the local PD. Unfortunately, we’ll never know her reasons because the note she left was destroyed by all the blood.” — stoli80pr

2. She got into a car accident while she was pregnant 

“We had a young lady pregnant with her second child die in a car accident one night on her way home from her shift. She left about midnight and it was rainy. I was managing at the time but in the mornings. She didn’t ‘not show up’ though, her family called that morning to let us know… I got to answer that call, then inform my superior and the staff… and talk to her grieving grandparents later when they came to ask some questions. Her fist son was only 1, her and her husband were basically still newlyweds.” — Im_a_lion_babe

3. He didn't show up to work because he had a heart attack

“The company accountant was a very quiet, older guy. Very reliable, very meticulous – as all good accountants are. The first un-notified day off was a surprise, but we didn’t check up until the second or third. Had no close family or friends. We were actually the ones to have the police investigate his house. He died of a heart attack alone in his home.” — JohnnyCharisma54

4. He got smashed by one of the machines 

“I am a supervisor at a major auto factory. Had an electrician not show up after lunch. Hour later had to shut one of the lines down because one of the lifts was leaking a really nasty thick oil. Called maintenance over; missing electrician decided to tighten some bolts on the lift before going to lunch without locking and tagging out the machine… Operator not seeing the electrician hit machine reset as he went to lunch, sending the electrician up on the lift into the rafters smashing him into goo. It was awful… we were all working feeling, smelling the ‘oil’ from the leak because we couldn’t identify it… it was the guy. Still haunts me… Had to go stop his wife from coming in the plant too, worst day of my life.” — metzd87

5. She never showed up to her first day

“This was back in 2006. I had hired three people for phone sales positions. One girl, two guys. The girl never showed up first day or day after. Got a call from her mother four days later that she and the husband had died in a freak head-on collision not a mile away from the job site. She was only 18. That was probably the worst phone conversation I’ve had to have with someone.” — kiddykatsmackattack

6. He was on his way to work when it happened 

“Story from my boss. He hired a new kid and he was going great. One day buddy didn’t show up so he called his house to find out where he is. He thought maybe he slept in or whatnot, nope. Kid got run over by a dump truck driving his bicycle to work that morning…” — TimmyIo

7. Death by heroin overdose 

“Not me, but my dad. He’s a manager at a factory, and had a worker who hadn’t come in for work in a few days. He finally decided to go to his house to see if he was alright. He went to the house, but then went inside after he smelled something disgusting. Both the worker and his girlfriend had overdosed on heroin, and had just been rotting for days.” — Lord_Apollk

8. My dad's coworker got killed by her boyfriend 

“My father’s coworker didn’t show up for work one day, later that night they saw on the news that her boyfriend killed her and tried to kill himself. My dad was devastated, they were super close and he even knew the boyfriend.” — ill_jay

9. It was part of his will 

“Something I can answer. I manage our locations social media among other things. One day we get a Facebook IM from a tenured employee, ‘I told you I was sick, now I am dead.’ Perplexed, I call the guy, and his son answered. Apparently part of his will was to send us a Facebook message.” –nofilmincamera

10. The new guy I just hired died of a heart attack

“I hired a new department supervisor who was supposed to start that Monday. I ordered business cards for him, got his office ready. He didn’t show up, which was surprising because he was very reliable and dependable. Then I was told that he had died of a heart attack over the weekend.

It was so weird to throw his business cards away when they arrived. Poof. All gone.” — TeaAndCrackers


11. Her death was banned from ever being mentioned

“I worked at a preschool that in general was terrible towards the staff. A lot of teachers rage quit so when this one teacher didn’t show up, no one was really surprised. The owner tries to get into contact with her but no reply. She assumed that this woman had enough and rage quit like so many others. A few days later, the woman’s adult son calls us up to let us know she passed away. The stress of working at the preschool combined with other issues was too much and she jumped off a bridge. It was very sad. The parents never found out as the owner outright lied to them and everyone else was banned from mentioning what happened to her.” — Choactapus

12. He died on his way home

“I worked fast food in high school, and one shift I was tasked with training a new hire for his first day. After his shift, he grabbed his schedule and said he’d see me the next day.

We later learned from his parents that, on his way home, a dog ran in front of his car. He swerved to miss it but hit a tree instead. He died in the hospital.” — drewxdeficit

13. He had a heart failure 

“I’m responding to this a bit late now, so I expect it’ll get buried, but this happened to me this past January.

We had this employee, Jay, from Poland. He was always a bit of a nightmare to manage because he was always on the booze. He’d never drink in work but as soon as he got home he’d go and get pissed. This led to many hangovers and him getting into stupid, although often hilarious, situations and coming into work the worse for wear. He also had a heart condition discovered just a few months before.

He was always up and down with his moods, so much so that we’d suspected he had undiagnosed depression. Obviously there were other signs but he had often called one of the managers in the middle of the night crying or upset and on the edge of harming himself.

When Jay missed a shift due to his antics he was always quick to message or call and let us know what happened and why he’d gone AWOL. As he was amazing at his job though, and in an awful place personally, we’d kept him on. Come Boxing Day this he didn’t turn up for his shift. He called us the next day to explain he’d supposedly had food poisoning and that was why he wasn’t in. This was the final straw for my boss and he put him on a final warning.

Jay was due to work the 2nd of January (New Year’s day is a public holiday in the UK) and had the preceding 2 days off before hand. He never showed up to his shift on December 30th. Because he liked to drink we all assumed he’d been on a bender and was hungover. At this point he was all but sacked. I went into work by accident on the 2nd January (read the wrong week’s rota…) and saw that he still wasn’t in. He hadn’t contacted anyone in all that time which was also out of character. I decided to swing by his place to see if he was alright.

Because he hadn’t updated his personal details I didn’t have his house number, just his housing estate. Ended up walking around for over 2hrs on that estate looking for him asking if anyone knew him. Finally met an old lady who knew who he was. She took me to his flat. The front door was locked so I tried the back and it was open. There he was, dressed in his PJ’s. He’d been dead for 3 days. Called the police. Gave statements etc. Turned out to have been heart failure. He was 32.” — Cozzers

14. She was going through a lot at the time

“We had a lesser manager get into a horrible car accident, she swerved into the other lane on an undivided highway. We didn’t know for a couple days, eventually it was in the paper.

A few of us think it was intentional, she was going through a lot at the time, but it’s a subject that we agree to never bring up.” –MilkQueen

15. Alcohol destroyed his health and ended up killing him

“Guy I worked with was in his mid 50s and had some health problems related to his years of alcoholism. He had a tendency of not showing up some days because of it. We had a long weekend and he didn’t show up on Tuesday. No big deal. Thursday rolls around and still nothing. Friday morning our director goes to his place. He lived alone in a run down trailer by a nearby lake. Dead as can be.” — uni-monkey

16. Died of suffocation 

“I’m not a boss but my friend from trade school finally got hired and it turned out he got hired where I was working. I was stoked to see him. He didn’t come in one day and everyone was like where is he? Turns out the dude had really bad sleep apnea and legitimately suffocated in his sleep. We found out because his wife called to let us know. I get so bad for the guy because he had a really hard life and he was so motivated to do well.” –AlphaKiloAlpha

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