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12 of the Creepiest, Unexplained Videos Ever

12 of the Creepiest, Unexplained Videos Ever

The Internet is ripe with horror lore and Creepypasta. 

If Creepypasta is a term new to you, Wikipedia sums it up perfectly:

Creepypastas are horror-related legends or images that have been copy-and-pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often brief, user generated ghost or alien stories intended to scare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide, and otherworldly occurrences.

Also, where have you been? Creepypasta has been insanely popular for practically a decade, if not longer, at this point. But it's okay, you're here now and you're about to be totally obsessed. 

Of all the eerie, nightmare inducing stories and photos out there it is difficult to argue that any of them, even as creepy as they are, are scarier than the videos.

The videos that haunt the Internet (and our nightmares for that matter,) are difficult to source and comprehend which is only made worse by the fact that they are so damm scary to begin with.

Whether you've been in the Creepypasta community for years, days, or this is your first adventure... you're definitely in for a treat with the 12 Creepiest, Unexplained Videos Ever. 


1. Karlmayer

This incredibly weird, bizarre video is impossible to explain as it is let alone trying to wrap our heads around why it creeps us out so much.

Featuring two cartoon infants in a field of flowers and the iconic Pennywise the Clown making a sound that can only be accurately described as a horrifying, screeching, cackle, the video has very little discernible narrative. About halfway through it reaches its peak intensity and becomes difficult to continue sitting through, despite the video only lasting about a whopping 3 minutes. 

While the sound Pennywise makes is more annoying than it is terrifying you just cannot shake the creepy feeling it leaves you with. It's purpose is unknown and it has been around since some time in 2008 though it is a common theory that watching the video in entirety delivers some sort of subliminal message to you. The video originally uploaded by it's YouTube user is the only video the user ever uploaded and some rumors suggest that listening to the sound for too long will cause you some sort of harm. 


2. The Hand Thing

Dating back to YouTube in 2007, this video is about Shaye Saint John.

Shay Saint John, it turns out, has a rich history and story but it was this bizarre video that basically started it all. In the video a figure wearing a blonde wig and a mask approaches a home and asks is someone named "Shaye" is still doing "the hand thing." Shaye also wears a wig and a mask and has two wooden hands that she claps together in a motion as if she were playing patty-cakes with herself. 

Shaye's story turns out to be almost as bizarre and creepy as the video we see her in. At one time she was a model but she was disfigured in a car accident. In an attempt to recreate herself in her prior model image she uses mannequin parts to rebuild her body. Even more disturbing, while Shaye was in the hospital she was subject to CIA experiments and they warped her personality. 

Created by a man named Eric Fourner, Shaye had her own website and it featured a wide variety of videos, though none were ever as popular as her "Hand Things" video. Eric Fourner died in Los Angeles in 2010 as a result of alcohol abuse. 


3. I Feel Fantastic

Originally uploaded in 2009, this video of a robotic doll named Tara has never really stopped creeping people out. Tara has a short, blonde bob haircut and is dressed in a frumpy sweater and grey slacks and she sings a song called, "I Feel Fantastic." The song is unsurprisingly about how fantastic she feels. In a robotic voice Tara sings very few lines, one of which is, , "Please leave, run, run, run." Her lips move while her head jerks side to side and her arms move up and down and in another shot, she appears in a seated position with her legs in front of her while dressed all in black.

Randomly, in the middle of the video (for no apparent reason, I might add,) the scene changes and we see Tara in the woods and that's where the wild Internet rumors begin. Some people insisted that the video was created by a serial killer and the place in the woods is where he buries his victims and the clothes Tara wears once belonged to the very same victims. The video is eerie and leaves you feeling uncomfortable, which just made the rumors believable and easy to get caught up in. 

What we know is that the video was created by a man named Jon Bergeron. He built and programmed Tara and originally intended to sell videos featuring the songs he programmed her to sing. Supposedly, he also intended to travel with her and have her perform live. Of course that's not where the rumor mill stops, since Bergeron has not been active online in nearly a decade people are convinced that Tara became sentient and killed him. Creepy!


4. Happy Anniversary 

This bizarre video features an older man laughing (about as creepy as possible) while a Chopin tune plays in the background. He laughs for several seconds and as the video continues to progress so does the intensity of his laughter. 

The Internet rumors surrounding this video connect to a woman named Maura Murray, who disappeared in February of 2004. Many people believe this video is about her. She was a 22 year-old nursing student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who told her boss and professors that she had to leave for a week due to a family emergency. She packed her car and took off. 

It turned out, however, there was no such family emergency and in the days leading up to her mysterious disappearance Maura had been acting very strangely. Some of that behavior included crying at work, stealing a credit card, and crashing her father's car into a guardrail. Investigations turned up searches on her personal computer for Vermont and New Hampshire and immediately before she took off she took money out of an ATM and used it to by alcohol. 

Maura's last known appearance was in New Hampshire where she got into a minor car crash with a snow bank. However, by the time someone called the police and an officer arrived at the scene Maura, along with her wallet and phone, were gone. Maura, her wallet, and her phone have never been found.

So this begs the question to many, what does any of Maura's story have to do with this video? Well let me explain. Via the police, Maura is classified as a disappearance but her family has been pretty vocal about what they believe happened. Her family believes she was kidnapped and her father, rather specifically has stated that she was kidnapped by, "some dirtbag on Route 112."

This bizarre video was posted originally by a YouTube user named "112dirtbag" and was posted on the anniversary of Maura's disappearance in 2012. While the original video was only online for a short time, as is customary with the Internet, other users managed to snatch it up and have since shared the video which is why we are still able to see it today. 

What really takes the creep factor to maximum is that the man in the video reportedly stalked an investigative journalists who wrote a book on the case (and also maintains to this day a blog dedicated to solving her disappearance.) Unfortunately, authorities have not been able to find a shred of evidence linking this weird man to Maura or her disappearance but his obsession with the case and his video... very disturbing. 

5. Clip095

Clip095 is proof that it doesn't take much to creep us out.

The video is a mere 30 seconds long and the quality can at best be described to that of an old VHS tape. The video features very little sound and a strange, hobbling figure in a mask or corpse paint while apparently containing hidden messages. 

The same channel features two other videos, equally bizarre. Clip094 shows a blurry group of people, mysterious figures and a staring face and Clip084... well, that one is hard to describe. 

All 3 videos were uploaded back in 2011 by one user, foundonthetape, but were never presented with any sort of commentary or explanation. It is rumored to be apart of some sort of abandoned, creepy art project. 

6. Blank Room Soup

Dating back to 2005, this weird video has it's own swirl of creepy rumors, namely that it is a torture video from the depths of the deep, dark web and even after some extensive investigation, there are still a lot of unknowns about the original video.

YouTube user ReignBot did all the hard work for us, tracing the video back to a Daily Motion account, RayRay TV. The account featured videos of the two mascots doing a wide variety of things that seemed, simply put, innocent. This account uploaded the Blank Room Soup video but captioned it, "A clip of people who look like us doing something to someone that we would never do. We promise." Well, that was creepy and not good enough so she continued her investigation and tracked the videos to an animator named Raymond Persi. 

In an email exchange with Persi, ReignBot was told by Persi that "RayRay" was an art project he created and that he also used to do live performances in Los Angeles with other "vaudeville-style entertainers." It was one night after a typical performance that someone stole some of their costumes and a few weeks later, an anonymous person (assumed to be the thief or thieves) sent Persi the Blank Room Soup video. 

However, who stole the costumes and who made the video remains a mystery according to Persi, let alone why they did this. Even creepier, according to Persi, the actors in the video move exactly as though they'd been trained by Persi himself or had seen a number of the group's performances.

7. After Death

At this point it's apparent one of the creepiest things one can do when making a spooky, eerie video is follow a formula that includes: distorted audio, black and white footage, secret or hidden messages, and solemn stalking through the woods. After Death has all the makings required to creep us out and does a damn good job along the way.

We see the video follow a man down a path to where a skeleton has been bound to a stake. We are then exposed to a 'toothy' mask before the footage sweeps across disturbing images of creepy dolls and bizarre symbols. We see signs as we go that read things like " Hollow," "Redrum," and "Bloody Mary." References like Redrum and the symbol of the Blair Witch from major motion pictures resonate a creepy message but beg the question: Is there a hidden message in this eerie video or is it just another YouTuber trying to capitalize on our fascination and obsession with the macabre?

The channel has spent the last year uploading a variety of ominous videos, none of which are explainable. 

8. Creepy Plague Doctor Video

With a constant and distorted sound (aside from a beeping that seems to be in sync with a flashing light,) this eerie video set at the ruins of a brick building in the woods features a figure in a black robe, wearing a plague doctor's mask. The video is in black and white and apparently, there are some hidden messages within. We assume this because the video was emailed to blogger Johnny Krahbichler in the fall of 2015. Johnny uploaded the video to the website Gadgetzz and he was hoping the outcome would be a community helping decode it's hidden messages. 

What came of that "investigation" was that a stamp from the email suggested it came from Poland and an ability to match graffiti suggested it was filmed in an abandoned sanatorium near Warsaw. 

The real creepy part came when one person was able to run the audio through a spectograph and hidden messages were revealed to the tune of "you are already dead." Even more disturbing though was hidden image of a woman being tortured. Thankfully, that image ended up being from a German slasher flick and other horrifying images were revealed to come from a horror movie called The Bunny Game. Although, just to mix it up, a real crime scene photo from a murder committed by the Boston Strangler was also included. Even further, additional users on the website found the coordinates for the White House and an anagram for "Kill the president."

Inevitably, a man named Parker Warner Wright claimed "responsibility" for the video and claimed that he made it in an effort to make both a political and artistic statement. Point taken!

9. Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

2008's Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is perhaps one of the most famous Creepypasta YouTube videos of all time. It begins with a static image of a man, motionless, calm... this goes on for several seconds and then rather abruptly cuts to what can only be easily described as a significantly more demonic version of the same man accompanied by horrifying music and a deranged laughter. 

The rumors that went around surrounding the lore of this video were insane. They began with rumors that anyone who watched the video in its entirety would hurt themselves or even commit suicide and went on from there to a YouTube employee going insane after watching the video. From there the rumors intensified that over 100 people watched the video and then promptly gauged their own eyeballs out and mailed them to YouTube. 

To this day, the complete origin of the video remains unexplained but it is believed that the man featured in the video is a digital marketing coordinator named Byron Cortez and most speculation believes he did not play an active role in making the disturbing video. 

10. My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard!

This 2008 video starts off seemingly innocent. We see a deaf man using sign language to communicate that his great-grandmother passed away on Halloween of 1945, eight years before he was born. Understandably, she was buried. However, the cemetery closed because of poor maintenance. When the cemetery closed, the man decided that he would take his great-grandma's remains and put them in his backyard.

So far, most of us are on board, even if it may seem a tad on the odd side. He then offers to let us see the casket. The casket is nice, well maintained and propped up on a stand. Then, for whatever reason, he opens the casket to reveal his great-grandmother inside. She is dressed in a pristine, white dress and her hair is fanned out around her head. All things considered she seems to be surprisingly well preserved.

And then the video takes a very, very weird turn when the man leans down and kisses his dead great-grandmother's corpse, right on the face... several times. 

It's certainly a very odd and unusual video but the same man has uploaded several other videos to his channel where he uses sign language to communicate and seems like a pretty decent dude. As well, a Reddit user who works as a funeral director said it's not that weird the body is well preserved because embalming can affect each unique body in unique ways. 

Okay then. 

11. Barbie.avi

There's an actual story to this video and it's fascinating. A man from Detroit brought home a computer he found in a dumpster and one of the only things left on the hard drive was a video file called barbie.avi. The 40 minute long video featured a young, pretty woman sitting in a white room being interviewed. 

Towards the end of the video, the young woman begins to cry and afterwards the video fades to black before showing a woman walking down train tracks. This was nothing remarkable in and of itself but the man who found the computer (and the video, of course) recognized the area where the woman was walking. This encouraged him to go and check the area out. Thinking back to the video he watched, he followed the same path as the woman and he came across a trail, which led him through the forest to an abandoned house.

Apparently brave, he let himself in and found a bathroom that had recently been cleaned. However, a groaning noise he heard frightened him and he took off. 

At this point, we don't know if this is the actual origin of the video or not but the Creepypasta is one of the most widely circulated videos and stories of all time so it could easily be an extra spooky story intentionally designed to make the famous Creepypasta that much creepier. We do have some clues that the story going along with the video is fake involves just a little detective work but it's already been done for us. Namely: the train tracks portion of Barbie.avi doesn't seem to match the interview portions, which have been uploaded in various parts. (We've included beneath this Part 4 for your entertainment purposes.)

The audio in the video is so poor that it's impossible to tell what the woman is saying but one of the video's comments has suggested that she may be talking about her right arm, which appears to be missing and the caption on the video is BIID, which could reasonably stand for "Body Integrity Identity Disorder," which is a condition where an individual may feel as though parts of their body aren't supposed to be there. In some extreme cases of BIID people will have those body parts removed.

The most popular theory about the video is that this woman was simply being interviewed by a mental health professional, discussing BIID, and someone found it and made a spooky story to go around with it. We may never know for sure but this Creepypasta is for sure one of the best and most popular of all time. 

12. Charlie Chaplin's Time Traveler

Considered a classic Creepypasta, In the DVD extras area some behind-the-scenes footage is included from the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's The Circus at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. In the footage we see something that perhaps would not be odd today or any time the last 10 to 20 years... A figure appears to be walking down the sidewalk talking on a mobile phone or some other mobile communication device. Here's the perspective you need: this was filmed in 1928. At this point in history, even the walkie-talkie hadn't been invented yet so the imagery we see has left just about everyone who has seen it ...perplexed. 

Other things we need to take into account would be that the woman appears to be talking so we can rationalize out that she is listening to something. BUT, the most common theory is that she had been using a hearing aid called an ear trumpet, which was a relatively new device at the time.

The rest of the Internet, however, has decided she is a time traveler, of course. 

These videos are definitely not for the faint hearted, and neither are these stories of first date murders which will make you quite online dating forever.