10+ Girls Who Dropped The Most Obvious Hints That Just Went Unnoticed By Guys

by Ayoub Mask

Dropping hits is pretty much the safest way to approach anything in life. If the person notices the hint and decides to do something about it then it's your lucky day, but if they decide to ignore it, then you will just have to assume that they didn't get it and that way no one gets to go through the pain of rejection and feeling unwanted. But sometimes, when you want something really badly, you feel the need to keep dropping hits until the other person finally decides to either turn the offer down or accept it.

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1. He googled it instead of testing it on me 

One time I was texting my bf and told him that I bought a vibrator for the nights he was away at work or something rather. his exact response was, "oh cool, what colour?" I sent him a pic of it and he replied with "can you put it up your butt too?". I sent him a text replying, "come over and find out" and he replied two minutes later, "nevermind, I just Googled it"

2. How can anyone be this dumb

Me: so you're saying, if i like this guy,i should just be straightforward and ask him out?

Him: ya

Me: ok, do you want to go out with me this Friday?

Him: ya, just like that, it was perfect.


3. He didn’t want to ruin it either 

My then-not-boyfriend and I were waiting at the train station on my train home; he would leave with the bus after it arrived. My train came and I thought 'fuck it' and kissed my then-not-boyfriend on the mouth. Immediately after, I jumped on the train, on which the doors then closed. I didn't see his reaction nor felt it so I sat pretty anxious on the train, thinking I ruined itall. About 5 minutes later, I got a text saying:

'That was meant as a friends kiss, right?'

4.He didn’t even notice me

Last summer I was doing my best to seduce who is my current

boyfriend. We were going swimming at a friend's house, and while they were
changing into their bathing suits in the house, me and him make our way to the

I take advantage of this moment to strip in front of him, as
sensual as possible. (Bathing suit was underneath my clothes.)

He runs past me, full sprint, and cannonballs into the pool.

5. He was ‘supposedly’ being a gentleman

Halloween morning 2014, he knocked on my
door to drive me to work. We had been friends for a month and he wouldn't make
a move, so I answered the door in a T-shirt and cat ears and absolutely nothing
else; that bastard walked right past me and looked for coffee in the kitchen.

We've been married 10 months now 🙂

He claims he totally knew my intentions but knew being a
gentleman would get him farther, I say he's full of it.

Holy crud-nuggets! This is my top comment ever, thanks internet

6. I made it way easier for him

I was dating a guy who told me upfront that he was terrible
at picking up the signs that someone liked him, was flirting, etc. So on our
third (?) date, we planned that he would stay the night at my place. I thought
that was pretty obvious, but just to make sure, I put a bunch of condoms on a
platter on the bed, with notes all around it, pointing to the platter that said
"This is a sign!" He thought it was hilarious. We had sex. It was

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