10+ Memes For People Who Absolutely Hate Valentines Day

by Mikayla

Valentine's Day. That one day of the year where people spend money on pointless gifts for others, expecting nothing in return. It's like a birthday, but millions of people are celebrating and no one really cares about just you

If you're catching my drift at all you'll agree that it's kind of a stupid holiday. There's a creepy angel who goes around shooting people with a bow and arrow (highly illegal by the way.) ridiculously overpriced chocolate, flowers, and jewelry, and an almost physically sickening amount of the color pink (not illegal, but it should be.). 

So why do we put ourselves through all of this? I couldn't tell you.

What I can do however is make the lives of people who hate Valentine's Day that tiny bit better by reminding them they're not alone in hating the day made for love.

1. Me on Valentine's morning.

2. Accurate.

3. If you're wanting happiness you should leave.

4. A little bit of truth for you?


6. She'll love it.

7. Wearing shades to drown out the obnoxious amount of PINK.

8. I'd rather hold a hot coal than a foot.

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