People Are Sharing Their Dreams On Twitter And Let's Just Say That Some Of Them Are Pretty Crazy

by Danielle

Ever woken up from a dream and asked yourself "why did I just dream that"?ย  I have always been curious about dreams and I can't be the only one who has ever wondered where they come from or why exactly we have them.ย 

Especially when it's something weird, like dreaming about a haunted freezer that throws stuff at you. People have been sharing their dreams on Twitter and I have to say, they're pretty crazy.

Now, I've had crazy dreams myself but these take it to a whole new level and I can guarantee that once you're done reading these, you'll understand why.

Lil Wayne, a substitute teacher?


Now this one sounds like a pleasant dream

What I'm curious about though, is if someone has actually had a haunted freezer before

Be careful what you take before bed

I wonder if they were microwave safe or not


This was my exact reaction to some of these tweets..

His cat must remind him of his sibling

This actually sounds like a book that I would read

This has me thinking.. What if there really is 3 Beyonce's?

Must've been thinking a lot about her bar tab

I love pineapples on my pizza, so maybe I'll like golden oranges too

Well, what were you doing shoplifting a chocolate orange?

I wonder how much money that snake makes

You can do anything you set your mind to

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