People Share The Weird And Hilarious Things That Their Pets Do To Them

by Mikayla

Animals are weird. Pets are even weirder. We keep them in our homes, love them, look after them, and usually become best friends with them but we don't speak the same language and can barely even communicate. Even though we try our best to make sure our animals are content sometimes there are things they do that obviously mean something, but what? 

They might roll around every evening for 20 minutes, they might watch you undress, or destroy things whenever they get the chance but is it all just for fun? Or does it mean something else? We as humans may never know, all we can do is tell the internet the weird things they do and hope that you find someone who thinks it's as funny as you do...

Say what?

Surely this is an act of dominance.. Or arrogance.

Maybe she was a suave mobster in her last life?

Can fish be perverts?

They're in sync

The best viewing spot in the house!

Dogs love friends! Even fake ones!

He's reminding them who the real owner is.

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