The White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony This Year Was A Complete Disaster

by Elzaan Van der merwe

We all want to be there to see the lights flare up slowly from top to bottom, to join in on the fun of the holiday spirit with all the people around us, whether they are total strangers or friends and family because this time of year everyone comes together to celebrate Christmas.

 Yes, I am talking about the yearly lighting ceremony where the president of the United States turns on the Christmas tree lights to start the festive season.

It is truly a great experience to be apart of and normally it is packed with hundreds of people, but this year something went terribly wrong. You will see what I mean in a minute.

This is what the audience looked like at the lighting ceremony this year.

We all know it is indeed cold in November and December in Washington, but according to Sam Sweeney from ABC the ceremony is always packed and it is definitely not the weather that kept the people away.

Normally if you don't get there early you will have to stand through the whole ceremony, but this year there was too many chairs and too little people.

This is what the crowd looked like last year, it is completely packed, I wonder why not this year?

The difference indeed my people is that Barack Obama was still president back then. It looks like nobody wants to join Trump's parades.

As you can see he has been having this problem since he was elected president.

This is most likely what is face looked like when they told him that the people aren't showing up, again!

via: Getty

Bottom line nobody seems to like Donald Trump and his parades, but Merry Christmas everyone!

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