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20 Worst Gifts People Have Ever Received From Someone

20 Worst Gifts People Have Ever Received From Someone

by Ayoub Mask

It is believed that once you receive a present, you shouldn't bother yourself with expecting it to be good since that's completely irrelevant and that it's the thought that counts the most, but the whole thing becomes much more complicated when a person has a couple of expectations when it comes to receiving a gift or has been hinting to people about a particular gift and assumed that they took the hint and will offer them that gift.


1. BlackCat444

A soap dish. I received this for Xmas from my uncle when I was 13.

2. kevincredible22

My grandfather once wrapped up a calendar from a local real estate agent's office. Had their name and ad on it and all. That was pretty bad.

3. Liar_tuck

Thank you cards to send everyone who brought real gifts.

4. alovelymorning

I received the previous year's version of the Farmer's Almanac as a 12 year girl.

5. ScreemingGoat

A blank DVD

6. Bforsocks

A photo of a can of beans.

With no frame.

7. slothywaffle

My mom got me fish oil pills and a blood pressure machine for my birthday one year. I was turning 26.

8. DavosLostFingers

Ironing board cover...

9. mister_barfly75

A bag of sand.

10. Noszeltov

My mother got me a flashlight for Christmas once.

Just for clarity: it was the only thing I received, and it was a dollar store POS. Did not last long.

I was 27 at the time.

11. milehighmoos3

Box of saltine crackers.

12. cpag0528

So this happened to a friend of mine in elementary school.

His grandma was rich, but notorious for being a terrible gift giver. I remember my friend really really wanted the new xbox or ps3 or whatever it was at the time, and he thought his grandma was going to get it for him for Christamas.

You can imagine his surprise when he received a laminator as his gift. I still joke with him about that damn gift to this day lol.

13. Tsquare43

Generic dishwashing liquid.

14. Groenboys

A bucket of grey paint.

15. techniforus

Something regifted... that you originally gave them.


16. JRQuigley

When I was 15, I had the chance to go see Rush and Primus in convert.. 90-91 ish..

My mother told that I could go for my 16th birthday, but that it would ruin ALL the plans she had for my big 16th birthday. So I packed my bags and went on that guilt trip.. and did NOT go to the Rush concert.

Day of my birthday, we're walking through Costco, she gives me $35 and says that she was going to get me a briefcase, but decided to just give me the cash..

Still the biggest letdown...

Still have yet to see Rush live.. and I'm 41 now..


17. cassieisclose

When I was 8 I was given dishes. Collectible dishes.

18. Jordansotheraccount

As kids we always hated getting ornaments for Christmas. Not only are they a boring gift altogether, but you literally have to wait a year to be able to use it.

19. NakedObject

My mother got me an antistress ball last christmas. So yeah...

20. Sickaburn

Water bottle. A friend of mine gave a girl he likes a regular water bottle for her birthday. Facepalm.

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