The New Way To Hide Your Piercings From Work and School Is Now Zit Rings

by Mikayla

Fads are fads. They're silly, stupid, and most of the time just completely ridiculous. Some of the most popular trends of 2017 included squiggle eyebrows, nose hair extensions, squiggle LIPS, and the worst of the worst, fidget spinners. Luckily they've done their time in the spotlight and now live far, far tucked in the memories we will hide from our children. However, there's always something equally strange to replace those fads, and here it is...


That's right, they're exactly what you think they are. Jewelry that looks like zits. Let's take a closer look, shall we? Be prepared people, you may need a splash screen.

1. Zit Rings are earrings and nose rings that look like, well, zits.

Now, they look a little weird, and the idea of making these at all will be sure to have people scratching their heads, but hear me out, there's a pretty good reason behind these.

2. They're basically designed to hide the fact that you have a piercing.

Think about it. You're going to work, or school, or to see your parents, and they don't want you having piercings, so what better way to hide them?

3. This could mean great things! IF you can pull it off...

You would no longer have to worry about hiding those piercings, taking them out every day, or wearing plastics to work/school, they could just be there, in plain sight! Because really, whos going to look too hard at a big, gross pimple?

4. A few people have tried them out, but it seems to be a big hit-or-miss product. What do you think?

5. She might pull it off! But would you want the attention that a big old pimple brings?

6. This definitely doesn't work.

7. This face is exactly my reaction. Urrrrrrgh!

8. Pimple next to piercing? What's the point?

9. They have potential, but these don't look right.

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