10+ Times Tumblr Was Way Too Innocent For The Internet

by Elana

The Internet is great, right? You can learn just about anything regarding just about anywhere in the entire universe. It is loaded with educational opportunities, social connections in unprecedented fashions, and bountiful portions of cat pictures.

Then there is the dark underbelly of the Internet, which technically exists pretty much in every corner of the Internet. There is no place truly safe from all that is a little naughty in this world. Of course, that doesn't stop bursts of innocent popping through like wild daisies and humorously enough, we've managed to basically corrupt that innocence by compiling it all together for everyone to laugh at. It's totally worth it though because it reminds us just how ridiculous we are while offering up a glimmer of hope that purity still exists, even if it's in fleeting moments.

1. That's a lot of dog walks.

Just once, don't you wish MTV Cribs had this scene?

via: Tumblr

2. Same

Get your head out of the gutter.

via: Tumblr

3. "One Like, One Prayer"

I hope somebody told her the truth.

via: Twitter

4. I wish I was this innocent.

It's so precious.

via: Tumblr

5. And that's when we all wished the same thing:

That we could go back in time to when period had nothing to do with menstruation. l

via: Tumblr

6. "I shouldn't have Googled that."

And on this day, someone had to erase their Internet Browser History.

via: Tumblr

7. Is this what you call relatable content?

I guess it depends on the audience.

via: Tumblr

8. Ideas?

Yes, there are many.

via: Twitter

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